Aug 18 – 20, 2017

45 Minutes north of Winnipeg



You and only a few hundred other people escape to the outdoors where the air is exhaled out of the trees and you exhale it in. Slowly, while listening to the sounds of the rustling leaves and the quiet noises of people on their own journeys, you breathe in.

Imagine wandering through acres of plush land from session to session, with a feeling of a mind getting more and more open and connected to soul. Imagine the feeling of the world slowing down and feeling still. Still enough that you can feel connected to it all.

Imagine sitting within feet of powerful energies as they pass their knowledge and their love to you so that you can integrate that knowledge and that energy in to your being.

Imagine this.

It’s happening.

The I Am Festival is nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Do you feel a pull?  You need to be there. 


What’s so Different about the I Am Festival?

Unplug in Nature


Group Of Friends Relaxing Outside Tents On Camping Holiday

This festival isn’t in an urban setting where you can hear cars and you are five blocks from the closest Starbucks and all those reminders of your daily life.  This festival is hosted in a remote private property in the Interlake.  Its acres of open space embraced with poplar trees that reach to a wide open sky.  There is no civilization in sight, instead it’s filled with souls who are embracing a personal journey, all with the same intention to find that personal connection and relax.

Mind, Body and Soul

For the Yogis, it’s yoga all day.  For the explorers, its Wisdom walks through groomed trails where green leaves filter sunshine rays to light the path ahead. For the introspectives, it’s inspirational talks to open the mind and meditation areas to let those new ideas simmer. For those searching, it’s a place filled with individuals who have had their own journeys to share.  For the music lovers, it’s a place to stretch out and fill the soul.

You’ll not find a place so conducive to unplugging, relaxing and transforming.  You can’t un-know the feeling of being one with yourself and with nature. It’s an experience that writes on the canvas of your “I Am” and becomes a part of you.


The Teachers and Performers

The session leaders and performers have been handpicked to create the perfect balance of energy for festival attendees.  The sessions throughout the day are designed to create the ultimate opportunity for personal transformation and growth.  In 2016, among many other things, we learned how to get to know your Body with Sonia Funk and how to Connect to your inner power with Serena Postel and Monica Angelatos. You can be sure that the line up in 2017 will be amazing for you as well!  

Your Personal Journey

Your journey starts on the drive to the festival. A short 40 minutes north of Winnipeg, you’ll be provided access to a podcast to put your mind in the perfect place for your transformational journey.  As you drive out, you’ll be opening your mind to the potentiality that exists for you at the I Am Festival.

As you are greeted by the Welcome team, you’ll be guided through the paths to the festival grounds where you’ll come through Center Camp and feel the heartbeat of the festival grounds.  Nature will flow in through your inhales and relax your soul.

You’ll spend the day moving from experience to experience and you’ll find yourself more and more aligned to your I Am.

What about Camping?

If you have ever camped in the heart of nature you already know that lullabies come in the form of gently singing frogs and whispering leaves.  You’ll fall asleep under a blanket of stars feeling a sense of being rocked safely to sleep by Mother Nature.  The Universe will embrace you while you sleep during the August Weekend.


What about the Facilities?

Toilets and Water

We know that part of being relaxed includes comfortable amenities so there will be plenty of clean toilets and access to running water.


The festival has an amazing combination of facilities to complete the experience. Imagine inspirational sessions sitting on the floor of a 24’ Tipi, transformational experiences in a 30’ Dome, or yoga under the blue sky or under the event tent. The 40’ natural arbor at Center Camp will house some of Manitoba’s top musicians to entertain us throughout the late afternoon and in to the evening as well as inspirational speakers to give us new ideas.

Bugs and Wildlife

Being in nature, what about bugs and wildlife you ask? Well, it is Manitoba and being the bee and butterfly lovers that we are, there has been no chemical treatment for bugs or wildlife so come prepared with your long sleeve shirts and choice of bug repellent.

The wildlife on the festival grounds are all shy creatures, so although it would be amazing to have the deer or grey horned owls that live on the grounds grace our event, they will likely find a new place to be for that weekend. However, if you do come across a wild animal, follow your intuition and leave it be.  Festival security is there to make sure everyone is safe and relaxed during their experience.


Are you coming?

Hopefully this helps to answer some of those questions.  We know people are excited after attending the Inaugural I Am Festival and we expect tickets to sell out.  If you were here in 2016, you know that there is no other festival like this and space is limited to create that intimate environment. Be sure that you are signed up on the mailing lists so you don’t miss the news as it’s unveiled!

See you there!


The I Am Crew – Keith, Tracy and Maurice



What’s New in 2017?

We got amazing feedback and we listened – check out what’s new in 2017!

What’s New in 2017?

We got great feedback from our guests in our inaugural year and we are so excited for the experience that we are creating.  Here are some highlights from the feedback that we received:

More Programming

You wanted more programming – we extended the programming to span Friday, Saturday and through Sunday so that you can enjoy even more opportunities to connect Mind, Body and Soul. Plan to spend the entire weekend unwinding with the I AM Festival


Expand The Grounds

You loved the festival grounds – it’ll be a familiar space with additions including a classy wine bar back in the woods while you visit and share stories with your new friends.

Shhh in the Yoga Zone

You wanted it even quieter in the Yoga Zone – we are changing the way we bring campers in and out and moving some things around.

Facility Improvements

You wanted more accessible running water for hand washing – we are focused on providing wash stations around the festival grounds. You thought the Dome was cool? Wait till you see the new location and the lights for an incredibly transforming evening experience!

More Time to Relax between Sessions

You wanted time between sessions to wander and relax – we’ve expanded the schedule to include breaks and time to wander the vendor show case.

Grow that Nighttime Vibe

You loved the night time activities – we’re adding more night time activities back in the woods as well as keeping the songs around the campfire tradition.

Keep The People

You loved the people – we are maxing the capacity at 400 festival goers. Last year we had just over 200 people out to enjoy the festival and a community was created. If every person tells one person about the festival, we’ll be sold out, so grab your ticket fast.

Keep The ValueIAmSamples-27

You loved the value – we increased the programming 2x, we are providing an option for transportation and increasing the facilities to enhance your experience, but managed to keep the value still incredible for you.

Rainy Weather Plans

You worried about the rain – we’ve added a back up plan for rain that includes additional shelters to ensure spirits aren’t dampened.


Getting to and from the Festival is extra logistics you don’t have to worry about. For an extra fee, we are arranging for transportation to pick you up and drop you off at a TBD location near the Airport. This means that all you have to do is get yourself over to the Wellington Avenue area and we’ll get you to and from the Festival at the Designated pick up and drop off times. Add transportation to your order to book your spot on the bus. Space is limited.


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